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My little story factory

4.73 usd

Available in french and english. Play with the words and background sound to create an infinity of strange, funny, and poetic universes. My Little Story Factory is a virtually inexhaustible collection of stories (194 481 combinations) that the child constructs by shifting pieces of text he/she has created or chosen from amongst a number of possibilities. FUNCTIONALITIES * Shift strips of text to create new stories * Trigger a background soundtrack for any story your have made up, and then play with the different sounds * Ask the application to compose a new story by just shaking the Tablet * By sliding the bands at the sides, type your own text using the keyboard, and then include it in the application. * No advertising * No in-app purchases.
My Little Story Factory is adapted from the book of the same name written by Bruno Gibert and published by CASTERMAN.
The My Little Story Factory app is published jointly by CASTERMAN and E-TOILES EDITIONS.
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